Six charged in relation to Indonesia football stadium disaster
10/7/2022 1:58:27 PM

Indonesia's police chief confirmed that six people, including police officers and organizers, are being investigated for their roles in a crash at a football stadium that claimed at least 131 lives. 

According to reports, the incident occurred last week when police used tear gas against fans who barged onto the field following a loss. 

Reports also claimed that hundreds of people attempted to flee through the exits, resulting in a tragic stampede. 

As a result, the Indonesian government fired the chief of police in Malang, where the incident occurred, and suspended nine other police officers. 

Authorities said those charged included the three police officers who used tear gas on fans, the president of Arena FC's organizing committee and one of the club's security employees. 

According to national police commander Listyo Sigit Prabowo, two police officers ordered their colleagues to use tear gas, while the third police officer was aware of FIFA's safety laws, he still deployed the tear gas.

According to authorities, approximately 2,000 police officers, including numerous police units and military, were at the stadium that night. 

As supporters ran away from the gas, they were crushed and smothered, injuring more than 320 additional individuals. 

According to Indonesia's deputy minister of children and women's affairs, the victims ranged in age from three to seventeen years. 

"We [saw] these different police forces running around the pitch, brutally kicking people, hitting people. This is completely unacceptable behavior," Jacqui Baker, a policing expert, said.

However, authorities claimed that the club's executives had violated safety regulations by admitting a greater crowd than the stadium could accommodate. 

Police said the entrances were also too narrow for individuals to pass through. 

Courtesy: Fourth Estate