Ex-FIFA and UEFA Bosses Charged in Switzerland
11/3/2021 2:24:41 PM

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter and ex-UEFA president Michel Platini have been charged in Switzerland with fraud for illegally arranging payment of 2 million Swiss francs ($2.94 million).

Blatter and Platibu were accused after a six-year inquiry into a payment made to Platini by FIFA, the international football's governing body, in 2011.

According to Blatter and Platini, the payment was for backdated wages.

Platini, who led France to the European Championship title in 1984, was also accused as an accomplice.

Blatter, 85, and Platini were both banned from football for six years in 2016 as a result of the payment, which was paid with Mr. Blatter's consent for work done a decade earlier. 

Both have vehemently denied any misconduct while Platini stated that he had just learned about the trial through media reporting.

Dominic Nellen, Mr. Platini's lawyer, expressed confidence that former France and Juventus footballer would establish his innocence.

Courtesy: Fourth Estate