Yalemzerf Yehualaw of Ethiopia becomes youngest woman to win London Marathon
10/3/2022 12:50:57 AM

Ethiopian Yalemzerf Yehualaw made history on Oct. 2 as the youngest woman ever to win the London Marathon.

Yehualaw, 23, finished the race at two hours, 17 minutes, and 25 seconds the third fastest time ever in the women's race and the fastest debut time in history. It also sets an Ethiopian record.

Yehualaw's victory came after she stumbled over a speed bump, sending her sprawling on the road.

Yehualaw later admitted that the faceplant "hurt."

"I was heading to a water station so I did not see the bump coming," Yehualaw said.

"It was very painful. I have lost some feeling in my hip, knee, and my hand. They are still sore now," Yehualaw further said.

Yehualaw said she was "so happy to win" and that she "would like to next time break the world record."

Yehualaw had only run her first competitive marathon in April.

Courtesy: Fourth Estate