New York Yankees, Mets Baseball Games to Have Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Seating Choices
5/6/2021 6:46:23 PM

New York Yankees and Mets baseball fans will be able to fully occupy Yankee Stadium and Citi Field starting May 19 but will have to be separated according to vaccination status.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the arrangements during a press briefing at his Manhattan office on Wednesday with Yankees president Randy Levine and Mets president Sandy Alderson.

“Theoretically if you had 100% vaccinated, you could fill the entire stadium with 100% vaccinated. Unvaccinated, it is still the 6-foot social distancing. In other words, our capacity restrictions have been relaxed subject to the federal CDC social-distancing guideline of 6 feet,” said Cuomo.

The unvaccinated section would only have 33% capacity to comply with the CDC social-distancing guidelines. 

Both teams will also distribute free tickets along with vaccinations. 

“If we can encourage more people to get vaccinated by giving away Yankees tickets, we are all in,” the Yankees said.

The Mets will be offering ticket vouchers for the first 250 fans who will get the vaccination at Citi Field from May 24 to June 17 during the Mets' games.

Cuomo also announced that broadway shows will reopen at 100% capacity on Sept. 14 while New York restaurants would be allowed to increase capacity to 100% on May 19.

Courtesy: Fourth Estate