Tampa Bay Buccaneers owners to donate to Hurricane Ian victims
9/30/2022 2:18:50 PM

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' owners, the Glazer family, announced today a $1 million donation to those affected by the onslaught of Hurricane Ian.

In a statement, the Glazer family said that the million-dollar donation will be distributed to organizations that assist people across Florida who have been most affected by Hurricane Ian.

"It will take entire communities resiliently working together for an extended period, and our family is committed to aiding in the recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with the countless people affected, the heroic first responders, and all of those helping to keep others safe," said Buccaneers co-owner Darcie Glazer Kassewitz.

The Buccaneers' quarterback Tom Brady announced separately on Twitter that he will make a separate donation to the Florida Disaster Fund for Hurricane Ian victims.

"Iím hoping the rest of the NFL family in our state will follow suit," wrote Brady.

The Buccaneers relocated their football operations in light of Hurricane Ian earlier this week from Tampa to Miami in south Florida.

Hurricane Ian first made landfall near Cayo Costa along the southwest coast of Florida on Wednesday.

Courtesy: Fourth Estate