Third Olympic sponsor arrested on bribery charges
10/1/2022 12:38:24 PM

Bribery charges against a former Tokyo Olympics organizing committee member ensnared a third corporation that sponsored the Games as Japanese prosecutors "re-arrested" Haruyuki Takahashi for the third time on Tuesday.  

Takahashi, 78, a longtime executive at Dentsu, has been held since his initial arrest on August 17 on suspicion of accepting bribes from Aoki totaling $350,000 (51 million yen). 

According to the Tokyo District Prosecutors, the fresh claims of questionable payments revolve around the $104,000 (15 million yen) funds that Takahashi and another official allegedly received from the Osaka-based Daiko Advertising Inc.  

Reports said authorities had taken a Daiko official into custody.  

Daiko expressed regret for the arrests, "for the trouble to customers and stakeholders," and pledged to assist with the inquiry.  

Daiko is the third corporation involved in the widening Olympic controversy, following big publisher Kadokawa and clothing retailer Aoki Holdings, which provided uniforms for the Japanese Olympic team.  

The arrests coincided with the official funeral for former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, attended by global leaders IOC President Thomas Bach and the United States Vice President Kamala Harris.  

According to reports, the arrests could jeopardize Japan's candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics in Sapporo.  

With over 50 firms sponsoring the Tokyo Olympics, there is widespread concern that a spate of arrests might last months. 

Courtesy: Fourth Estate