Philadelphia Flyers' Ivan Fedotov Detained in Russia for Evading Military Service
7/4/2022 7:45:08 PM

Russian goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov was detained in St. Petersburg in Russia on Friday at the request of a military prosecutor's office for evading military service.

Fedotov was detained outside the Ice Arena Kupchino in St. Petersburg and taken to the military registration and enlistment office, where he became ill and had to be brought to the hospital.

Alexei Ponomaryev, Fedotov's lawyer, said that Fedotov did not evade Russian military service.

"As I understand it, due to stress, he had gastritis. Ivan feels bad. He says that he is not being provided with full medical assistance," Ponomaryev said.

Ivan Fedotov signed a one-year entry-level contract with the Philadelphia Flyers in May this year.

Vladislav Tretyak, President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, said it appealed to government agencies to clarify the story with goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov.

“The Russian Ice Hockey Federation is monitoring the situation with the goalkeeper of the Russian national team Ivan Fedotov regarding his military service. The FHR turned to the state authorities to find out the details of the case,” Tretiak said.

Courtesy: Fourth Estate