Toddler struck by foul ball at MLB game suffered skull fracture, had seizure
6/26/2019 11:35:49 PM

Houston, TX., United States (4E) - A two-year-old struck by a foul ball at a Chicago Cubs-Houston Astros MLB game May 29 suffered a skull fracture and had a seizure, a family lawyer said in a statement Wednesday.

It marked the first update on the girl's condition since the incident, which caused some officials and players to call for more safety netting at games.

She was struck by the foul ball while sitting in a relative's lap in their seat along the third base line at Minute Maid Park.

Houston attorney Richard Mithoff released the information on her updated condition in a statement to USA Today in which he mentioned she endured subdural bleeding, bruising and swelling associated with the skull fracture.

"The family's foremost concern is about the health of their child, but they also wanted me to extend their thanks to the fans and the Astros for their concern," Mithoff said.

The girl is now at home and will be looked at again by doctors in July.

Every team extended their protective netting to at least the end of the dugouts last season, while the Chicago White Sox and Washington Nationals say they will stretch it to the left- and right-field foul poles as added measure.

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