Shooting Halts Washington Nationals game
7/18/2021 10:40:25 AM

The Washington Nationals game against the San Diego Padres was briefly suspended after a shooting happened outside the Nationals Park Stadium.

"A shooting has been reported outside of the Third Base Gate at Nationals Park. Fans are encouraged to exit the ballpark via the CF and RF gates at this time. We're working with law enforcement to provide more information as soon as it becomes available," said the Nationals social media account. 

Witnesses reported suddenly hearing gunshots during the game between the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres before people started running for the field gate.

The fans were initially turned back and asked to shelter in place and were then asked to exit the stadium through the Centerfield or Right Field gates.

"We held shelter in place for approximately 10 to 15 minutes," explained Scott Fear, vice president for public safety and security for the Washington Nationals.

The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department said that there was an alleged shootout between two vehicles and that three people were wounded including one fan.

Ashan Benedict, executive assistant chief of police for DC's Metropolitan Police Department said the incident was not an active shooter incident and posed no threat to people inside the stadium. 

Benedict said one vehicle was recovered from the scene while two of the victims are still being questioned about the incident. 

Courtesy: Fourth Estate